Adult Classes

Adult Class

NEW BEGINNINGS CLASS Instructed by Rodger Taylor

This class studies basic United Methodist material accompanied by lots of discussion. Different profound questions are presented and tackled by using scripture and basic “common sense” Christian practices. The class meets upstairs in the Family Life Center close to the stage. For information: 903-413-1976

VIOLA JORDAN PATHFINDERS CLASS Instructed by class members

This class uses various faith-based study materials. The lessons highlight several Biblical points and the class has open as well as casual discussion. The class meets in the southwest classroom of the sanctuary building.

EVERYDAY LIVING CLASS Instructed by June Cullen

This class discusses the struggles faced in everyday living. Using the Bible, the class sees that, with God’s help and the support of each other, we can live victorious lives. The class meets in the northwest classroom of the sanctuary building. For information: 903-274-6720 or

HERE BY GRACE Instructed by Peggy Burkett

This is a class made up of ladies, some of whom are widows. They study the Bible and current events with a modern approach. They are a very care-giving and “sage-ing” group. For information: 903-356-0669 or